Associate Principal, Head of Operations & Technology

Demetrios Gianniris

With an acclaimed track record spanning more than 20 years, Demetrios can visualize the full strategic picture and align business initiatives with corporate vision, mission and goals. He is one of the industry’s very best at driving end-to-end business transformation with impact spanning multiple business lines across highly matrixed environments. Along with managing the firm’s operations and technology, Demetrios is instrumental in developing and executing strategies that support fiscal performance and exceed parameters for quality, customer satisfaction and ROI.

Throughout his career, Demetrios has counseled some of the world’s largest financial investment firms & Fortune 500 companies on organizational & strategic challenges, and has successfully overseen numerous $MM enterprise technology buildouts. At MGE, Demetrios has pioneered our award winning onboarding, voted by Crain’s NYC “Top 10 Strategies of the Year”, and spearheaded the business transformation strategy that earned MGE back-to-back “Best Places to Work” recognitions in NYC. He’s also been featured in Forbes on the evolution of the modern workplace.