375 Park Avenue


RFR Realty LLC
375 Park Avenue
New York, NY
Central Air Handling System Replacement and VAV Fan Conversion

Upgrade to six (6) existing hot deck/cold deck central station chilled water with steam air handling units ranging from 250 to 300 tons each. Air distribution from hot deck/cold deck to Variable Air Volume System, remove hot/cold deck coils and replace existing cooling and heating coils with greater capacity coils in existing fan casings.  The design included phasing plans and method of procedure to ensure downtime for the system was limited to weekends to ensure building tenants were not out of service during normal business hours.

In addition, MGE has worked with RFR Realty for over 15 years and completed various projects throughout their portfolio including:

  • Tenant Fit-outs
  • Pre-built Suites
  • Drawing Reviews and Studies
  • Lobby Renovations
  • Building Evaluations
  • Infrastructure upgrade projects